Sunday, February 10, 2013

Best Vegan Chocolate Recipes

Raw Chocolate by
There are few instances where I need an excuse to eat chocolate, but for those naysayers (you know who you are) Valentine's Day is a wonderfully democratic occasion when people from all walks of life agree on one thing: Chocolate.

I can quote a thousand studies that cite chocolate as a panacea for any and all ailments. It reduces heart disease, is an aphrodisiac and packed full of antioxidants. But tell me, do you really need a health expert's opinion to know that chocolate (in reasonable quantities) makes your heart smile.

After all, what's sexier than a smile?

To kick off our week of chocolate, here is a roundup of my favorite chocolate recipes from around the world.

(click on the name of the recipe to get the link)

Vegan Pistachio Coconut Truffles are crunchy, creamy and exotic.

The goddess of vegan baking makes superb Chocolate Cupcakes.

When you are looking for a good, basic Chocolate Cake tackle this recipe from Post Punk Kitchen.

Gourmande in the Kitchen rocks out a killer (albeit slightly complicated) Chocolate Blackberry Mille Feuille. For those who are a little adventurous.

Raw Peanut Butter Patties combine the two greatest ingredients on the planet. Thank you Minimalist Baker!

Only the most technical of foodies should tackle Raw Chocolate. If you are up for the challenge you can't go wrong with this recipe from Whole Promise.

A little decadent with some healthy bits added to the mix. Check out these Chocolate Chia Brownie Bites from ChocolateAndChoufleur.

Seriously...Vegan Ding Dongs. ROCK STAR!

Shameless plug for last week's Raw Mexican Chocolate Brownies by yours truly. You won't be able to discern between "good for you" and "ridiculously delicious."


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