About Rooted Vegan:

My name is Maria (pronounced Mariah, it's a family thing) Rose. I am an artist, art historian, wife, mother of two young daughters and a 13+ year vegan. I am going to come out and say it, I have had absolutely no formal training as a chef. I am entirely self-taught, or more accurately, self-teaching.

I have been vegan for 13 years and I have had two highly successful vegan pregnancies.  My husband and I are raising two healthy and happy vegan girls.

Most of my vegan life I have lived in small towns and on a tight budget, so I have picked up a few tips and tricks along the way. My approach to vegan cooking is to keep it healthy, keep it good, and keep it cheap. I am excited to share and learn with you.

I believe that anybody anywhere can eat vegan. It isn't expensive. It's not complicated.  My goal is to share recipes and resources for a vibrant life with you.

I welcome your feedback and hope that you will offer tips, ideas and ways to improve and guide my content as I grow.

Welcome to Rooted Vegan.


From time to time you may hear from my lovely chef friend Kate.