Thursday, June 13, 2013

Going Vegan: Health Concerns

going vegan: health concerns

I am not sure where people got the idea that vegans aren't healthy. Honestly vegans are the healthiest lot I know! Seriously.

My Vegan Health
When I went vegan I lost 50lbs over the first 6 months and eventually 10 more (I had put on weight as a cheese eating vegetarian) and it has not returned. I have had two healthy pregnancies, delivering two girls--on term at healthy birth weights. I have recovered from both pregnancies to return to a healthy and comfortable weight. I have honestly noticed that I am healthier over all. My colds are less frequent and of shorter duration. While I can't say with certainty that this is due to veganism I noticed this change around the time I went veg.

The top 5 most common "health" questions I am asked
Now, I know that most non vegans couldn't answer these questions, but I think we-as vegans-need to be armed with facts. I have given you a ton of links as the information is thorough and backed by science, rather than my non-pro info!
1) Where do you get your protein? Don't roll our eyes. Just check this link for a wealth of info

2) Where do you get your calcium?
Many plant based milks have more calcium than a glass of milk. See here for more!

3)Where do you get your iron? For some reason people feel really certain that vegans are a weak anemic group. Prove them wrong! Check here.

4) Where do you get your Omega 3s?
This has been sort of a buzz word lately and most non-vegans think it can only be found in fish. Boom now you have a resource!

5) What about B12?
Here is another link for you!

Here are a few resources from more educated health professionals:
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
Vegan Health
57 Health Benefits of Going Vegan
Eating for Health

Please check with a check with a doctor if you have special health concerns, they will be able to help you make a healthful transition!


  1. parslane loaded with omega 3 and nordic sells algae omega 3 veggy caps i think a ratio of 1 epa to 2 dha is best right?