Monday, May 13, 2013

Tofu Confessional

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  1. I totally used to use tofu as an egg replacer! But it always worked great for me. I don't blame you for not trying it again though. That cake story was the worst!

    When I first made tofu, I cubed it (who needs pressing?!), marinated it for like 10 minutes and baked it. It was very wet and flavorless.

  2. I've been cooking tofu wrong for years. I seriously thought that tofu was supposed to stick and burn to the skillet when I made stir fry. I thought that we were supposed to enjoy the burned-on scabs of tofu that came off the bottom of the skillet when I added the stir fry sauce. Which probably explains why I'd pretty much given up on tofu for good. Luckily, Rooted Vegan showed me the way -- pressing!! -- and my tofu world has been bright ever since. Love this post!

  3. Everywhere it is recommended to press your tofu... why?
    Why can't they (tofu makers) create "pressed tofu" so I don't have to do it? I thought it was such a waste of time but when I tasted all the tofu made without pressing first... yeah, they were bland and soggy, they were yucky but I ate it anyways because I spent the money on a meal that was supposed to be good for me.
    So now I reluctantly press my tofu all the time, but still get mad that I have to do it before cooking!