Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Vegan Gift Guide $5-Priceless: Simple Gift Ideas for Vegans

Vegan Gift Guide $5-Priceless: Simple Gift Ideas for Vegans by Rooted Vegan

The first Christmas after I went vegan I was gifted with expensive leather gloves. Another year I was given a wool sweater, honey from the east coast, leather purses, etc. While I do appreciate the fact that the people in my life are just trying to give me gifts it sure is awkward when I have to make a return. I cannot keep those kinds of things in my life. I know others who don't see it as much of a problem, but for me it isn't something I can endure.

When I have been gifted with non-vegan presents I  absolutely don't make a big deal of it (time and place people). I thank the giver for thinking of me (even if they didn't really get the whole vegan thing) and then I return it later. Over the course of the next year I will touch base with the giver to ensure that they understand that I don't use any animal products. If they ask about a previous gift I am honest, of course, but I try to keep things low key and non-confrontational.

If you are on the other side of this it can be terrifying! If you don't have a complete grasp on the ins and outs of veganism you could make the wrong choice and inadvertently hurt someone's vegan sensitivities. Fear not! I have prepared a few gift ideas that the vegan in your life are sure to appreciate and in a variety of price ranges for gifts to give a casual acquaintance to something to give the vegan closest to your heart.

Vegan Gift Guide

Know a vegan with a green thumb? Grab some seed packets and a few pots, trowels, watering can, non-leather gardening gloves and you are all set!

Music loving vegan? I tunes gift card. Boom!

A bottle of vegan wine (here is a link to a great list of vegan wines)

Vegans love gift cards like anybody else. Why not seek out a gift card to a cool vegan shop. Might I recommend my friend and Vegan Superstar Sarah Kramer's Shop; just be sure to wait a couple of weeks as her shop is down while she recovers from surgery.

Vegan cookbooks are a great gift. There are so many out there, why not grab a few cookbooks, a vintage apron and some cute measuring cups?

Consider sponsoring an animal through a rescue. My husband adopted a Manatee named Elaine for me for Christmas. I am crazy about manatees so this gift made me cry with joy.

Vegan gift baskets can be prepared for you at Pangea's

Fruit of the month clubs! I'd recommend going organic.

$100- Priceless
Go vegan yourself. Your vegan friend, family member, etc. would be moved to tears.

Oh and what about a vegan vacation?!? Ahh, the vegan in your life would freak out. A trip to the city with lists of veg restaurants ( will help you find restaurants around the world).

Visit a sanctuary to volunteer, like Farm Sanctuary! Man sanctuaries have housing for volunteers from out of state.

Stay at a vegan Bed and Breakfast. I have always wanted to visit The White Pig.

Good luck!
~Maria Rose

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  1. I am no longer vegan, but I have to say, I've always loved my woolens. The woman who gifts then to me has sheep of her own and she then sends it to a different artsy-type awesome woman to be made into the very wool she knits. I love that! I know the "sweater's" name, lol!