Sunday, April 21, 2013

Top 10 Vegan Raw Dessert Recipes

Top 10 Vegan Raw Dessert Recipes |

The first raw dessert I ever tasted was a sweet, sticky dark chocolate raw brownie. It's fortunate that I was alone as I believe the expletives that came streaming out of my mouth were anything but ladylike. 

How could anything so healthy

Understand that until that point in time my training and career as a pastry chef prepared me to believe that the only way to make something taste good was to add butter, cream and heaps of sugar. My perennial joke was that I was a drug dealer with contraband in fat and sweet.

Needless to say, when I bit into that b(raw)nie I ate my words (literally).

Since then I have been known to experiment with just about any raw dessert recipe I can get my hands on. Here is a roundup of some of my favorites. 

Raw Vegan Dark Chocolate Strawberry Cream Truffles from are nothing short of divine. 

The Veggie-Wedgie’s Raw Vegan Ice Cream Bars are equal parts creamy and crunchy. Perfect summertime noshing.

Salty Date Caramel Sauce is killer with an apple, drizzled over some raw ice cream or, in my case, eaten with a spoon.

It’s always nice to take a break from chocolate and these Raw Vegan Orange Pistachio Bars from (don't you love the name!) are sweet, sticky and have the right hint of citrus. is my vegan dessert chef crush. I adore these Raw Cacao Nib Cookies almost as much I adore her blog. 
Raw Vegan Vanilla Blueberry Cake is a beautiful combination of richness and fruit.

Raw Cake Pops. ‘Nuff said. 

Raw Halvah Cookies, a combo of sesame seeds, tahini and dates, are the ultimate energy ball.

The recipe that started the revolution. Raw Mexican Chocolate Brownies.


  1. Glad you liked my orange pistachio bars! I still make them all the time, one of my favorite raw snacks.