Thursday, April 11, 2013

Clever Uses for Vegan Leftovers

Clever Uses for Vegan Leftovers |
Thank you Hannah Kaminsky for this amazing tofu recipe.

It's a leftover kind of week. 

We are buried under a foot of spring snow with more to come. Needless to say I didn't make it to the grocery store today, and needed some inspiration of what to do with some leftover roasted potatoes and sad looking tofu. A quick search and I came up with enough ideas to keep me covered for the rest of the week!

There is no better way to use up old bread than a Vegan Chocolate Bread Pudding from KirstensKitchen.

Toss together whatever veggies you have wilting in the crisper and dinner is served with this
Tempeh, Sweet Potato, Kale Hash from YourVeganMom.

“Leftovers Challenge” from TheVeganVirtuoso should inspire you to tackle your own refrigerator.

I love the Sexy Leftover Experiment from UrbanVegan. It helps me think about my refrigerator from a different perspective.

Not really the run-of-the-mill leftover meal, but I had to share this epic Mapo Tofu from BitterSweetBlog.

Cooked potatoes languishing in your refrigerator? The remedy is this simple Vegan Shepherd's Pie.

Wilting produce is just an excuse for making a ridiculously easy and robust Vegetable Stock. Soups on!

And, what would leftovers be without the classic stir fry. Eating Well has you covered with their favorites.


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  1. No excuses to throw away perfectly sad looking veggies with these delicious leftover ideas! I will try the Chocolate bread pudding as I have not gone through the loaf of bread I bought last week!