Friday, February 22, 2013

Vegan Apps Will Change Your Life

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So I am going to come out and admit it; I had never even touched a smartphone until I was out to tea with Kate over the summer. Fast forward to November when my husband and I f-i-n-a-l-l-y got smart phones. Whoa! I was instantly hooked. I wandered around in a daze. How could I handle the accessibility to so much information? Face time!!!!!--Don't get me started, don't even get me started! Then I discovered all of the vegan apps there are. LIFE CHANGING!

Let me share with you what I have learned thus far! Most of these are for iphones, but a few cross into smart phones in general.  Oh, and please let me know if I am missing anything that you love.

  • Animal Free- This free app is simple and amazing. A list of non-vegan ingredients. So, when you are reading through the crazy ingredients on the back of a mystery product you can just use this app to help you figure out if Acesulfame is vegan. The list is alphabetized and when you click on the ingredient it pulls up a window with a concise explanation of the ingredient. My preschooler's teacher has this app to help her if she has any questions about things my daughter can eat!
  • Cruelty Free-This free app is a simple list of cruelty free companies. Boom!
  • Go Vegan- My friend, the amazing SARAH KRAMER has an app. I bought the app to be supportive, but when I opened it...WOWZA! She has videos, recipes, meal plans, a shopping guide and so much more. So amazing
  • Veg Fast-  VegFast is a free app that lists many fast food chains and their vegan options. While this isn't all inclusive and most vegans don't want to support fast food joints, it really really helps in a pinch! If you find yourself starving in Smalltownville and you just need a fast food option, this is a great app!
  • Yum Yum- This app is free and it gives you access to MANY veg recipes from the Vegan YumYum blog. Also has a feature that allows you to keep things organized.
  • Happy Cow-Your favorite vegan restaurant guide is an app. If you are in new territory just use this app to help you locate a veg restaurant or a place with veg options!!!
Here is another run down of apps
~Maria Rose

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